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TWTP: Registration Begins

September 1, 2009
MPC Friend Caitlin Ho '10 welcomes a first-year.

MPC Friend Caitlin Ho '10 welcomes first-year.

I walked through Wayland Arch on my way to work this morning, and TWTP registration was already in full swing. First-years and parents walked past me with boxes in their arms, and the MPCs and MPC Friends smiled as they directed others to registration. One first-year was standing at the table, and I overheard her say, “I can’t believe I’m finally here at Brown.” Sometimes I wish I could be a freshman again just to reclaim the excitement of setting foot on campus for the first time.

I arrived at TWTP four years ago after a red-eye from the West Coast. Looking back, I received what I now consider the VIP treatment – someone met me at the airport, drove me to campus, greeted me with smiles, and carried my luggage up four flights of stairs. It’s the little things that start to make you feel welcome on this campus, and for many freshmen, it begins with TWTP.

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